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Sharing DM Stories and Memories

There is so much to tell..about how we came to know about DM..

when our babies first showed signs...the almost comical antics we share with our babies.

So many emotions being stirred up..good and bad.

Here is where we share our stories..our babies..our lives..

You are not in this alone..

Click the Pics to read their stories.

Send yours in a word file with a couple of pics to see yours featured here! Send to "[email protected]"

For Love of George

By Linda Tyson

Bubu Chronicles

By Tammy Ancheta

Sheba's DM Story

By Deborah Kazsimer

Ty Wisniewski

By Michelle Wisneiwski

Articles of Axle

By Cindy E. Fink

Dythri's DM Story

By Aq Eva

Scooby Doo

By Renee Howard

Baxster's Story

By Laura Bottom


By Alison Skillin

Rocky Murray's Story

By Jenny Murray

Kali Koulmentas's Story

By Kari Koulmentas

Mohawk Hairston

By Donna Hairston